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does this sound familiar?

Even after experiencing various levels of success in life, you’ve found yourself daydreaming about “what ifs”… 

What if…this is all there is to experience for the rest of my life? 

What if…this is as good as it gets? 

What if…I can’t earn more income and become debt-free? 

What if…my relationships are as good as they’ll ever be? 

What if…I never understand how to grow closer to God? 

“What if…__________?” (you fill in the blank) 

If you’ve ever thought about questions like these, you’re not alone.  

Many successful people reach a point in life where they’ve been working hard to achieve their goals and experience success, but they still feel like there’s something more to be, do, or have.  

They have a good marriage.

They’re blessed with great kids.

They have a nice house.

They live in a nice community.

They are part of a great church.

They’ve done all they were supposed to do to live the American dream… 

And yet they wake up wondering, “Isn’t there more to life than this?” 

And they feel guilty because, by all indications, they have the kind of life millions of people dream of having. 

They feel guilty because they’ve been taught to be content and, yet, all they feel is stuck… 

They want total life freedom—financial, time, and the ability to go and do as you please. 

Put simply—they feel trapped. 

They feel like they’ve painted themselves into a corner and they don’t know how to change their reality. 

They even ask…“How can I ask God for more when I already have so much to be thankful for?"

I had a “stable” job, but was miserable because of a major conflict with my boss that just wouldn’t end.  

On the outside things looked fine, but I was dying on the inside. 

I wanted out of the nightmare that I was experiencing when I went to work every day.  

I was searching for what to do next with my career, but I had no clue which way to turn.  

I was a full-time pastor and felt guilty for wanting out and wanting something different for myself and my family.  

While my faith in God was solid, my future felt bleak. 

It was the beginning of an incredible journey that God lead me on to move me to where I am today… 

My name is Chris McClure, and I’m the author of The Way To Greatness, and I haven’t met anyone as passionate as I am about helping others move beyond small, mediocre living to experiencing the full, rich, satisfying, abundant life that Jesus said he came to give us in John 10:10 in the Bible. 

Just a few years ago, I felt like I was at the end of my rope.  

I felt lost and scared about my family's future.

But after I learned and implemented the action steps I share in The Way To Greatness and everything changed!

I started my own business. 

I became an author and coach in the areas of life, leadership, and business. 

I began working from home and am able to be more available for my wife and kids. 

I get to do work that I love so much that I have to pull myself away each day. 

My relationship with God is stronger and better than ever.

But it wasn’t always that way…

It’s been a faith-stretching journey.  

I’ve had many ups and downs, bumps and bruises along the way. 

I searched for experts and mentors who could give me answers to help me get unstuck, but I kept coming up empty.

I read books, interviewed leaders, and thought through all sorts of scenarios to have a better life for myself and my family.

But I kept finding myself feeling frustrated, lost, and scared about my future...

No author or expert had the answers I needed. I only found theories rather than clear, proven action steps to take. 

I had to figure it out with God and no one else.

As I continued to pray and seek answers God gave me The GREAT Life Action Plan to implement in my own life and to share with others.

God revealed to me the five core areas of life that so many people struggle with—developing deeper faith, building healthy relationships, having an enthusiastic mindset, being a good manager of my resources, and making the most of my precious time

Once God revealed these five core areas of life to focus on, He then gave me a repeatable action plan to massively improve each area. 

Imagine having a series of clear action steps that guide you up to the summit of a mountain.

Each step is important, but you can’t stay there when you arrive. You have to keep climbing. 

And then…when you reach the summit, you look out and see a new mountain to climb that will take your life to an entirely new level! 

God gave me a message to teach others how to experience The GREAT Life, which is composed of a five-part framework: 

G — God-Centered Living
R — Relational Health 
E — Enthusiastic Mindset 
A — Asset Stewardship 
T — Time Maximization 

I describe these components as five continual choices that lead to The GREAT Life:  


The GREAT Life Action Plan is a PROVEN ROADMAP to overcome discontentment, frustration, fear, and boredom so you can experience the abundant life God created you to live. 

While other authors, coaches, and speakers may teach you a variety of armchair theories about finding happiness, The Way To Greatness provides a proven roadmap with simple, repeatable action steps that you can implement over and over again. This allows you to continually improve your life week after week, month after month, year after year!

If you are tired of vague theories and ready for a practical action plan that actually works, then The Way to Greatness is for you!

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll learn inside The Way To Greatness… 

Choice #1 — Build Your God-Core

Action Step #1 — Get clear on where you are right now in your faith so you can go deeper with God by working through a simple 3-step process. 

Action Step #2 — Identify where you’d like to go in your life and where God is calling you by working on the "describe your end goal" exercise I teach on page 13.

Action Step #3 — Define barriers that may get in your way from arriving at your desired destination and determine possible solutions by working through the process I teach on pages 18-19 .

Action Step #4 — Learn how to create a plan of attack to grow closer to God and be able to sense where He is leading you each day by working through my "construct your plan" process on page 23. 

Action Step #5 — Learn which daily disciplines will help you intentionally grow in your faith and relationship with God by trying out the suggestions on pages 27-28.

Choice #2 — Protect Your Relationships

Action Step #6 — Learn how to quickly assess the state of each of your relationships by answering 3 key questions described in this chapter.

Action Step #7 — Uncover your personal blind spots that may be holding you back from having better relationships with those you value most by doing the difficult, but powerful work described on pages 42-44. 

Action Step #8 — Learn how to do the difficult work of healing hurts that you’ve received and caused throughout your life by doing the deep inner work recommended in the three chapter sections.

Action Step #9 — Learn how to go deeper in your most valued relationships by asking the three critical questions discussed on pages 53-56.

Action Step #10 — Discover how to increase the value of your relationships by applying financial management wisdom discussed throughout this chapter.

Choice #3 — Renew Your Mind

Action Step #11 — Understand why you must fight for a healthy mindset every day by learning in this chapter about the battle being waged against you. 

Action Step #12 — Learn how to identify limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from experiencing the life God created you to live and diagnose their impact by working through the questions on page 77.

Action Step #13 — Learn how to destroy your limiting beliefs once and for all by implementing the 3-prong approach on pages 81-86.

Action Step #14 — Learn how to replace your limiting beliefs with ones that will best serve you by approaching your mindset like a computer technician described on pages 87-93.

Action Step #15 — Learn how to live with mental clarity like never before by utilizing the concept of a household chore discussed on pages 94-96. 

Choice #4 — Manage Your Resources

Action Step #16 — Discover a process to assess your current assets…even those you’ve never thought about by working through the inventory and categorizing plan on pages 107-110.

Action Step #17 — Learn a simple strategy on pages 113-115 to appraise your debt so you can have a real-time snapshot in order to attack it in Action Step #18.

Action Step #18 — Discover 3 critical next steps to attack your debt on pages 118-22 so you can start playing offense rather than defense for your financial wellbeing.

Action Step #19 — Learn how to expand your resources by utilizing your skills and passion so you can strategically move toward financial freedom.

Action Step #20 — Discover how to experience true financial freedom that will bless you and others by implementing 3 key steps on pages 131-136. 

Choice #5 — Maximize Your Time

Action Step #21 — Learn how to evaluate your current schedule and see where you’re truly spending your time on pages 143-148 so you can make the most of your one precious life. 

Action Step #22 — Discover how to effectively do the deep work of clarifying your priorities on pages 149-153 so you can better invest your time, energy, and resources. 

Action Step #23 — Learn how to craft your DREAM SCHEDULE that energizes you to get moving each day by implementing the strategic steps on pages 154-158.

Action Step #24 — Discover how to be the commander of your dream schedule on pages 160-164 so you don’t drift back into the same ol’, same ol’ reality where you feel stuck and frustrated.

Action Step #25 — Learn how to make the most of your one nonrenewable resource—time by taking strategic action taught on pages 165-169. 

Like I mentioned before, this book is FREE. I’ve paid for the printing and all I ask is for you to help cover the shipping and handling cost. I’ll send it anywhere in the USA (only). If you prefer to listen to the audiobook, I also have it for sale for a small additional fee once you put your details in the order form… 

What are others saying about
The Way To Greatness? 

“You can now make the choice to lead your days with intentionality.” Exactly what I intend to do since I now have the tools, resources and reassurance. Uplifting. Inspiring.  Encouraging and Convicting. The Way to Greatness will be my go-to-guide for many years to come. Chris McClure nails the call to action in this 5 step guidebook to a GREAT life! It’s a must read…and re-read… and re-read!”

— Beverly Oswalt, Realtor, Irongate Inc. Realtors & Executive
Director of Life Inn His Image (Dayton, OH) 

"Truthful, inspiring, and thought-provoking! The Way To Greatness is an encouraging read with introspective questions at the end of each section. Chris McClure does such a great job allowing you to evaluate your life from every a ngle through his writings. This is perfect for anyone looking for a breakthrough or to do some self-maintenance. This book has found a permanent spot on my shelf as a guide I will return to over and over again!" 

— David Malseed, CEO of Peak BI

“Chris McClure has written a timely, practical guide to help people navigate the pressures of trying to be successful in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. He addresses the five core areas that can affect anyone at any given time. He not only highlights the challenges, but he gives step by step instructions to help you experience the abundant life that God desires for you.”

— Joan Turley, Coach, Speaker, & Author of Sacred Work in Secular Places

“I am an avid reader and student of personal growth and I have to say that The Way to Greatness is a home run. It is God-centered, easy to read, understand, and apply. I found myself both challenged and encouraged as I implemented the practical steps for greatness to my life. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to improve in life.”

— Bryan Erdman, President, Linton Industries Incorporated

“In this thoughtful book, Chris McClure builds a bridge from the world’s typical concept of “greatness,” to the Way God has destined for us. Right from the start, Chris reminds us to focus on a “core” identity and trajectory that is spiritually grounded. He also emphasizes the invaluable nature of relationships, so often overlooked in our transactional world of immediate gratification. You’ll also enjoy Chris’ fresh perspective on stewardship, moving far beyond the “treasure” message we usually hear, to the importance of stewarding our thoughts and our time. This is practical book, with insights and reflections that you can apply right away.”

— Chuck Proudfit, Founder, At Work On Purpose 

"If you are looking to move past the status quo in your life and not just settle for less than this book is for you. Chris lays out a GREAT action plan for you to follow that makes sense. Now is the time to be intentional.  Start making the right choices today outlined in this book and you will be on the path to having the GREAT life you wanted.”

— Kevin Deming, Adult Life Pastor, Chestnut Ridge Church

“Jesus tells us He has come to give us an abundant, full life. However, if you’re anything like I was, you’ve found yourself wondering how to tap into the abundance Jesus tells us is available in Him. Chris has done an amazing job at laying out a step-by-step process for how to discover the GREAT life God has set up, in advance, for you to walk out. I believe with this book and some focused time in prayer, you can unlock the abundant, full life Christ came to give you.”

— David Robertson, Kingdom Business Coach at

"The Way to Greatness has helped motivate me in ways that I’ve never experienced before. It was able to maximize my daily routine just by following the action steps. From the very first chapter, Chris McClure had connected with me. I’m excited to be on my path to leading the great life! The book's action steps and reflective questions help you stay on track with the lessons the author is wanting to convey. I’m only ½ way through the book and I’ve already made some significant upgrades to my daily routine. I never thought that I could strengthen my connection with God and help improve my business acumen at the same time."

— Josh Lillard, Sales Representative, Pella Windows & Doors

"The Way to Greatness encouraged me to take a closer look at my debts. By writing down all debts with interest rates and payoff dates, I could then really evaluate and prioritized them and make a plan to pay them off. I am looking forward to the financial freedom and decreased stress of having these debts in my life!"

— Jamie Ashcraft, Wife, Mom of Boys, Audiologist

As you can see… 
The Way To Greatness Has Already Helped Countless People… 
The question is, are YOU next? 

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30-Day Jumpstart Reading Plan

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This downloadable PDF guide is designed to help you stay on track and give you motivation to read the book and implement the action steps so you can see fast results in your life. Print it out, do the daily assignment, and mark it off your list. You’ll see immediate progress that will inspire you to keep going day after day. This PDF guide provides:  

  • The roadmap for you to read this book in the next 30 days  
  • A clear path to experience life transformation  
  • A simple printable guide to help you work through each action step 

The Way to Greatness 
Group Discussion Guide

($14.95 Value)

Have you ever read a book by yourself but didn’t do anything with what you learned? The group discussion guide is a powerful 7-session resource that will help you work through The Way To Greatness with a group of friends and give you the accountability and support you need to take real action and get powerful results in your life.

This downloadable PDF discussion guide allows you to lead a small group intentionally through "The Way To Greatness" over the course of 7 strategic sessions. Here's what you'll receive from this guide:

  • A clear plan for your group members to read through the book and do the exercises between sessions
  • A simple, easy-to-use script to lead group meetings
  • Prayer prompts to pray for one another when together and throughout the week between sessions
  • Accountability questions to encourage your group members to stay on-track and experience maximum impact

The GREAT Life 
Goal Achievement Plan

($47 Value)

This powerful, reproducible tool will help you gain greater clarity about the purpose behind your goals, give you a powerful process to define the necessary action steps to be successful, and empower you to overcome the obstacles that can hijack your dreams.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • A reproducible PDF workbook to pursue your dreams and achieve your goals
  • Video training from author Chris McClure that explains how to best utilize the resource
  • A powerful plan that will help you go farther faster in your life, business, or ministry than you could ever imagine

Journey to Greatness 
Mini Course

($47 Value)

In this down-to-earth mini-course, author Chris McClure guides you through the 25 action steps from The Way To Greatness. Originally recorded as he was in the process of writing the book, each video reveals key insights into each action step to help you gain a fresh perspective on why each step matters and how you can see real results fast.

  • Private access to the course membership site
  • 25 bite-sized trainings on the transformational action steps from the book
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the process author Chris McClure navigated while writing The Way To Greatness 

Breakthrough Productivity 

($97 Value)

We live in a world riddled with distractions. Being productive today in our digital age can be exhausting. In this masterclass, author Chris McClure will teach you how to overcome distractions so you can systematically accomplish your goals and dreams.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why having productivity skills matter today more than ever
  • 7 foundational productivity tips
  • A strategic process you can implement immediately

4 Critical Steps to Reach Your Potential 

($97 Value)

Most people want to reach their potential, but few know how. In this insightful training, author Chris McClure teaches four critical steps that must be taken in order to move from dreaming about “what could be” to leading a life of significance while experiencing true fulfillment. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why reaching your potential is important for others, not just yourself
  • A simple 4-step process to implement in order to up-level your life
  • Valuable insights on how to measure your progress so you can make the most of your life

The Importance of Intentionality in Personal Growth Masterclass

($97 Value)

Everyone grows older, but not everyone becomes wiser. In this much-needed training, author Chris McClure teaches how living with intentionality is vital to experiencing the personal growth that leads to massive results and greater success in your life.  

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why a growth focus is better than focusing on goals
  • 8 growth gap traps
  • 4 key actions to become more intentional

NOW, YOU may be thinking...

“I’ve already read numerous books, listened to tons of sermons and podcasts, and have tried a variety of approaches that just didn't work."

And that’s exactly WHY you need to get your copy of The Way To Greatness

This book is unlike any other. While so many books talk about big picture philosophies, this book gives you clear, specific action steps that will get you moving forward and help you gain momentum in your life.  

Here’s the deal…I’m a simple guy who learns and teaches in simple, practical ways. I don’t want you to flounder around trying to figure out what next step to take. You literally can open up the book and know what next step is over and over. I promise! 

All you have to do is let me know your shipping address, here on this page, and I’ll send you a free copy to your doorstep.  

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I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.  

This isn’t one of them.

There’s NO hidden “continuity program” — and in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this…

Because I know how it feels to be stuck, frustrated, and lost about what to do next.

I totally believe that intentionally working your way through each action step has the power to totally transform your life…and the lives of those you love and lead!

And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has GREAT plans for your life and doesn’t want you to waste your one precious life spinning your wheels any longer. 

  • Because I know how it feels to be stuck, frustrated, and lost about what to do next.
  • I totally believe that intentionally working your way through each action step has the power to totally transform your life... and the lives of those you love and lead.
  • And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has GREAT plans for your life and doesn’t want you to waste your one precious life spinning your wheels any longer. 

Time is of the essence.

Here’s why…

This is a special offer and I won’t keep this page up forever.

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A copy ofThe Way to Greatness                                                                    $14.95
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Journey to Greatness Mini-Course                                                             $47.00
Breakthrough Productivity Masterclass                                                    $97.00
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Chris McClure

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